The Steam Summer Sales have begun, let us help you spend your money!

While many people slim down for the Summer, many gamers’ Steam library tend to bloat up thanks to Steam’s annual Summer Sale. This year’s iteration began yesterday and there’s plenty of deals to be had. In fact, here are some of the deals I saw as I went through the discovery queue or scrolling endlessly down that long front page in the Steam client. Maybe you’ll pull the trigger on some of the titles I’ve listed below. Links are available to make your life easier, enjoy!

A mix of recent releases, compilations and even some indies for good measure, hopefully you’ll trust my taste in games (The hentai game recommendations…those I’m keeping to myself). Otherwise enjoy another couple of weeks of savings as the Steam Summer Sales will come to a close July 11th. Also if you’re looking for something to play some of these games…Steam Decks are also on sale as well!

Steam Summer Sale 2024: Official Trailer