The safety’s off with the latest NACON Revolution 5 Pro update

I love super premium controllers and one that I’ve had the pleasure of testing was the NACON Revolution 5 Pro. With its Hall Effect sticks, software based adjustments, it’s a controller that you can fine tune to your pleasure. With 3 profiles, you can even adjust the settings based on the genre of game you are playing. The latest firmware update to the controller, players will have access to a new mode designed for the First Person Shooting game players in mind.

Shooter Pro Mode removes the dead zone from the analog sticks, giving players yet another option to further personalize the controller to suit their play styles. In order to access this feature, players will need to make sure their Revolution 5 Pro has the latest updates and for those who have been gleefully using it the controller out of the box, the team at NACON has provided a handy

that explains this new feature as well as show you how to have your controller ready to utilize it.

It’s somewhat funny the game featured in the tutorial is Robo Cop: Rogue City, a title whose platinum trophy eludes me because I’m just not good enough of a sharpshooter to earn the shooting range trophies…perhaps I need to get Shooter Pro Mode enabled on my Revolution 5 Pro and get back on the range!

The NACON Revolution 5 Pro is available now on the NACON Gaming website shop in both Black and White for $199.90.

REVOLUTION 5 PRO Tutoriel #4 : Shooter Pro Mode:

REVOLUTION 5 PRO Tutoriel #4 : Shooter Pro Mode