GreedFall II: The Dying World addresses player concerns in community posts ahead of the title’s Early Access launch

As the dust settled from Summer Game Fest, the team at development studio Spiders basked in the afterglow of having Greedfall II: The Dying World featured on IGN Live (Interview and Hands-on Preview) has posted a new community update to address the audience reaction to the recent reveals as well as the game’s upcoming Early Access on PC.

The elephant in the room being the change in the game’s combat to match gameplay that is usually seen in tactical RPGs. The original title was more akin to an action RPG and this change has certainly raised the concerns of fans of the original title. Studio Spiders reiterated the change was necessary in order to “enable full control of your companions, and the orders you give them, allowing you to experience a more authentic sense of togetherness as a group of adventurers.” and they do not intend to revert to the combat of the original. The team is aware of the strife this change has caused amongst the fanbase, but they hope the Early Access will allow players to experience this new playstyle and provide feedback that will help refine the gameplay as the game gradually exits the Early Access period. If you wish the ready the community update, you can find the full text linked here.

The original GreedFall was a title I found myself unexpectedly enjoying. Taking on the role of a noble from the old world sent to the strange lands of Teer Fradee in hopes of aiding the newly established colony find a cure for a plague which is ravaging the Old World. The best way I could describe the title is that it was a “colonial Mass Effect”. GreedFall II: The Dying World is a prequel that will put you in the role of a native Teer Fradeen just as the colonist from the old world starts settling in Tee Fradee.

GreedFall II: The Dying World is set to be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S in 2025. PC players can access the title before the final release and help guide development by picking up the title via Early Access on Steam.

GreedFall II: The Dying World screens: