Submerge yourself in Nightdive Studios’ bi-weekly behind the scenes podcast, Deep Dive

With all the misinformation and assumptions floating around, it’s always nice when a developer will let people in and truly allow gamers to learn what goes on when your favorite games are being created. With that said, today we have learned that Nightdive Studios, the company behind remasters of such titles like Turok trilogy, System Shock and Doom 64 will now be releasing a bi-weekly podcast as the team works on their latest project, the remaster of Computer Artworks’ The Thing.

Hosted by Dimitris “Modern Vintage Gamer” Giannakis with Morgan Shaver and Locke Vincent, the trio will give viewers a glimpse at what the team is up to, interview developers of both original and the remake as well as highlight works of the Nightdive community, be it comments, works. Giveaways will be a part of the show, so make sure you don’t dawdle on catching episodes as they release every other Monday, so as most streamers say…don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications!

Let’s hope the series will last beyond the team’s work on The Thing as Nightdive’s work of making out of print titles available for modern platforms is definitely an important one and I for one would love to see how wild and crazy rights negotiations would be.

The Thing: Remastered will be coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platform sometime this year.

Nightdive Dives Into The Thing: Remastered | Deep Dive Episode 1

Nightdive Dives Into The Thing: Remastered | Deep Dive Episode 1

The Thing screens: