Which nation will you represent in Avatar Legends: Realms Collide?

A brand new threat from the spirit world is encroaching into the material world and it’s up to you to build up a settlement to meet the threat head-on. Avatar Legends: Realms Collide is an upcoming 4x Strategy game that will be playable in Android and IOS.

With a plot penned by veteran Avatar writer Tim Hedrick, face the cultists from the Temple of Corruption who worships the malevolent entity from the Spirit World known as Father Glowworm. Build and fortify your settlement, push back the incursions from Chenyu and the Broken Skulls, recruit legendary characters from the Avatar Universe, eventually destroy the temple of corruption and halt Father Glowworm’s entry into the material world.

From a cursory glance this title kind of reminds me of the mobile offerings of other animated franchises such as The Simpsons and The Family Guy. It will certainly be interesting to see how the Avatar IP will offer opportunities of interesting gameplay. The title is currently in pre-registration phase and is offering those who sign up ample rewards when the title is released somewhere down the line.

So if you’re ready to delve back into the world of Avatar this title might just be the thing for you. Please visit https://avatarrealmscollide.com/ for more detail…and do let me know if they will have the cabbage merchant as a recruitable character.

Avatar Legends: Realms Collide – Intro Cinematic

Avatar Legends: Realms Collide - Intro Cinematic

Avatar Legends: Realms Collide – Gameplay Trailer

Avatar Legends: Realms Collide - Gameplay Trailer