Metaphor: ReFantazio ATLUS Exclusive Showcase 2 debuts during Summer Game Fest.

Chatter around Summer Game Fest is that this year’s edition will focus more on already announced titles, so there won’t necessarily be a “one more thing” shock announcement. So after the big show which is set to air on June 7th 5pm EST/3pm PST, ATLUS is hoping you’ll turn your eyes to their YouTube channel as the publisher announced a showcase that will reveal more details regarding their upcoming title Metaphor: RaFantazio.

The program is set to air at 9pm EST/6pm PST. The showcase will feature director Katsura Hashino sharing new details on the game that is scheduled for an October 11, 2024 release. Pre-orders for the title have since started and the collector’s edition of the title have seemingly been sold out at most online retailers so this game is highly anticipated.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Metaphor: ReFantazio - "ATLUS Exclusive 2" Showcase