1 year of Street Fighter 6…infographic’d!

June 2nd, 2023 gave the world the sixth entry in the Street Fighter series! Fighters took to the streets and collectively accomplished quite a bit, so the game’s publisher CAPCOM decided to share some of the more interesting things that have occurred in-game during the first “year.” (The data was compiled until 4/30/24…so not quite a full calendar year).

So without much delay here’s a sampling that was highlighted:

    • Players have participated in over two billion battles with six million battles happening daily and 70 battles per second. 
    • Players have collectively accumulated 170 million hours of playtime. 
  • Fun Fact: In the aforementioned time, E. Honda can go around the Earth using his OD Sumo Headbutt 43,385 times. Please do not inquire about this calculation method as it is a secret. 
  • Top three characters used in battle (outside of Arcade Mode) in order of most to least: 
    • Ken – 265,678,704 times
    • Ryu – 171,578,448 times
    • Cammy – 159,248,536 times
  • Players have performed 350 million Perfect Parries across all modes
  • Players have performed 363 million Counter Drive Impacts across all modes
  • Control Type Combatants: 
    • 75.6 percent of players use Classic
    • 24.1 percent of players use Modern
    • 0.3 percent of players use Dynamic
  • Players have averaged 32.3 hours as the time to beat World Tour’s story
  • The top three most beloved (maxed out bond levels) Masters are: 
    • Cammy
    • Chun-Li
    • Juri

For the full listing check out the post on the official Street Fighter website. So what stat shocked you the most, what stat do you want covered in the future? Let’s hope we’ll see another infographic near year when the game heads into its second anniversary!