Metal Slug fans are eating well as Metal Slug Attack Reloaded launches today

Metal Slug Fans (Yes, we exist…there’s like ones of us!) were kind of in flux, despite a new title being announced in the form of Metal Slug Tactics, we had to go 3+ years before we got a proof of life update when the title got a new trailer and a demo during the latest Steam Next Fest. So it came as an even bigger surprise that during today’s Nintendo Direct, another title bearing the Metal Slug IP shadow dropped during the very packed presentation.

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded which is a re-release of a mobile title which debuted in 2016 and saw end of service occur in January 2023. While it’s not an outright new entry in the franchise, this in a way is a nice way to preserve the work that went into this now defunct mobile title. The Reloaded edition of the title features 300 collectible characters which originate from the franchise’s five factions and offers gameplay which promises to be easy to learn, but hard to master. You can build your own army and take on friends in “Room Battles” or if you’ve got a competitive fire burning inside you, fight for the title of “Super Devil” in the game’s ranked multiplayer mode dubbed “Matching Battle”.

Tower Defense fans can enjoy the genre with a Metal Slug-twist as Metal Slug Attack Reloaded enters the chamber as it is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms for $9.99.


Metal Slug Attack Reloaded screens: