Acquaint yourself with Hello Kitty and friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure coming to the Switch in 2025

Being an Asian who grew up in New York in the early 90s, I wasn’t a stranger to the various characters of Sanrio. These cutesy characters would be adorned on stationary and pens of my female contemporaries. However as I grew up and left the relative safety of the Asian diaspora my exposure to these characters would lessen to the point where they were an afterthought. Yeah they would periodically make appearances in things like video games, but in the US these characters just didn’t have the cache they had within the Asian community. I will however applaud Sanrio as they continue to push these wholesome and innocuous characters in hopes they will catch up and Hello Kitty Island Adventure is another opportunity to garner a wider audience.

Originally released on Apple Arcade, this cozy slice of life title features a user created character along with Hello Kitty and friends as they attempt to restore an abandoned park on a tropical island. As an Apple Arcade title, this game features no monetization and all the updates that have been released were available to all users for free. Now the game is exiting exclusivity from the mobile service and will be coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch (The game will also come to the PlayStation platform after a short console exclusivity period on Nintendo’s console). If you’re looking for an easy going experience without the need to go into debt with a shady tanuki, perhaps this title might be for you.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure will delight fans both old and new when it arrives on PC and the Switch in 2025.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Hello Kitty Island Adventure - Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Hello Kitty Island Adventure screens: