Mario & Luigi team up again in the name of Brotherhood

Recent years have been good for fans of Mario RPGs. We’ve had remasters of both Super Mario RPG and the best-loved Paper Mario game, as well as a new entry in the Paper Mario series. With this newfound attention from Nintendo, fans of the Mario & Luigi series may have wondered whether those games would make a comeback, and in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, we got our answer: yes!

Titled Mario & Luigi: Brothership, the new game finds the plumber brothers setting sail on an island to navigate a new world called Concordia (which, presumably, has nothing to do with the university located in Montreal). The game will feature the team-up, turn-based combat that defined the DS and 3DS entries in the series, along with some vastly improved visuals. Brothership arrives on the Switch on November 7 — and until then, we have a trailer and lots of screenshots to tide us over!

Mario & Luigi: Brothership screens:

Mario & Luigi: Brothership trailer:

Mario & Luigi: Brothership – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch