Final Fantasy x Uniqlo returns for another round of shirts

Two long years ago fast fashion brand Uniqlo was recruited to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the crown jewel in Square Enix’s catalog…Final Fantasy. This Final Fantasy UT collection included t-shirts from the 15 titles that have been released as well as the then upcoming 16th entry. I will say despite being someone who doesn’t actively shop the brand, I was swayed to drop some gil (ahem dollars) on the collection…mainly to get the deck of playing cards they were offering to those who bought at least two shirts.

Well it seems the collaboration was quite profitable as we’re getting a second round of the collaboration with 7 new shirts which represents Pixel Remaster ports of Final Fantasy 1-6, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and the latest entry of the franchise Final Fantasy XVI. I’m frankly surprised the most popular entry Final Fantasy VII didn’t make the cut even as the 2nd entry of the remake trilogy just came out this past February. Nonetheless, this second wave’s designs might get me to spend more money at the retailer.

For Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, we got a shirt for the franchise’s “mascots”, the adorable Moogle and the not so adorable Goblin. The third shirt features Terra Branford, the human/esper hybrid who is the central character of Final Fantasy VI. The duo of shirts for Final Fantasy XIV feature the warrior of light in one, and the trio of a moogle, Alpha, and a fat cat. The good pup Torgal and the Eikans grace the shirts that represent Final Fantasy XVI. If my descriptions just aren’t up to snuff, take a look at this second expansion via this special website.

So I’m definitely getting some of the Pixel Remaster and maybe a XVI shirt (I have no interaction with XIV…sorry) and if you’re interested as securing some shirts I recommend you act fast because the last time this collaboration happened, the larger shirt sizes disappeared faster than a collector’s edition the Square Enix Store. Let’s hope this one does well and we get a third wave…cause I need a Cactuar shirt in my life.

Final Fantasy UT is back for a second round starting today and can be purchased on as well as their retail stores.

Experience Final Fantasy with UNIQLO:

Experience Final Fantasy with UNIQLO