Atari and WayForward’s Yars Rising gets a Steam demo, new gameplay trailer

Atari and WayForward Technologies are hard at work on a stylish metroidvania title for the next game in the re-envisioning of the Yars Revenge Atari 2600 property of many years ago.  We covered the “Recharged” version of Revenge some time ago and the initial announcement for Rising here, and we’re more than excited to see them do something interesting with this new installment for sure.

And based on the newly released gameplay trailer and Steam demo as part of Steam Next Fest, we think they are on the right track!

Check out the gameplay and a few more details below.  Yars Rising is headed to consoles and the PC in late 2024 at this point.

Yars Rising – Gameplay Trailer:

Yars Rising - Gameplay Trailer

The timelessness that is Atari’s Yars universe introduces players to an easter egg-loaded sci-fi entry with Yars Rising, the side-scrolling metroidvania adventure from developer WayForward — with an official demo out now as part of Steam Next Fest!

Download the Yars Rising demo and play now on Steam:

If you missed IGN Live this past Sunday, be sure to check out the newly released gameplay trailer, giving fans a first look at the expansive vivid world of Yars Rising. Punctuated by anime-inspired cyberpunk character designs, and an energetic soundtrack, the trailer shows off the game’s stealth mechanics, run‘n’gun gameplay, and an array of enemy encounters. Inspired by the classic Yars franchise and boasting WayForward’s unique creative touch, Yars Rising introduces a bottomless mystery and a sprawling, interconnected map with loads of genre-splicing moments from 2D fight sequences to turn-based battles.