PlayFusion applies hairspray liberally in the newest trailer for their adaptation shooter, Ascendent

Adapt or Die is the mantra developer PlayFusion wants players of their squad based adaptation shooter to heed. Given all the madness that can be seen in the latest game’s latest trailer wise players will definitely keep the creed in mind. Capture the flag is the name of the game and in this game it’s actually a resource called biocores. There’s 3 of them on the field per game and the team with the most wins (I’m guessing there’s a high probability of ties given each match has four teams of three players.).

An unseen game director will curate your experience, setting spawn points, allocating resources, determining which locations will be accessible and in-game events. However don’t let some untouchable entity set the battlefield, you can trigger environmental events such as airstrikes and maybe lure some of the dangerous creatures roaming the landscape to do a number of your fellow biocore chasers.

When you’re not fighting for your life, hang out in the Shade…no literally the place it is called “The Shade”. Where you can socialize and possibly find a better 3rd than the one you’re currently rolling with. Change your look so that the last thing your dying enemies see is your rad self, and even spend those hard earned biocores for new weapons you can use to get more biocores (You know that saying you gotta spend biocores to get biocores).

Ascendent is currently planned for a release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Visit the Ascendent website to sign up for upcoming beta tests.



Ascendent screens: