Add your spin to a track in Yars Rising soundtrack thanks to Atari and Icon Collective

Are you a gamer with an interest in music production? Well Atari and music production school ICON Collective wants to help you…level up. To promote the upcoming Yars Rising, a metroidvania which is a loose spiritual successor to an Atari classic, fans are urged to sample the song “Disconnection” by Moe Shop feat. YUCe which is in the game’s soundtrack into an original composition. Genre be damned as and you even submit a sea shanty if you want…as long as it properly samples the above track.

Submissions will be judged by the team at ICON and best track will even be featured in the Yars Rising soundtrack, a Yars Rising care package and even consultation time with the ICON Collective staff. So get yourself to the following website, download Disconnection and go create something great!

Yars Rising is a coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms September 10th, 2024.