Physical copies of Clock Tower Rewind will be coming to Limited Run Games soon

While everyone thinks the Survival Horror genre started on the PlayStation with Resident Evil, there were plenty of games that preceded it including Clock Tower, a franchise which originated on the Super Famicom. Sadly it never saw an official release internationally so the franchise is only known for its PlayStation and PlayStation 2 entries. Well thanks to the collective efforts of WayForward and Limited Run Games, the original is seeing a remastered release on PC and modern consoles.

For those who want a physical copy of Clock Tower: Rewind! Limited Run Games will be your exclusive retailer to acquire a copy. The retailer revealed the various ways you can get ahold of this title. The standard version will feature a disc or cartridge of the game for the platform of your choice as well as a full color booklet.

In a new offering, the company will be offering the game for PC, however it will be loaded onto a USB Key Drive. For the collectors with some extra cash to spend, the collector’s edition will include what is on the standard version of the title as well as the following.

  • Double-sided poster featuring classic and new art from Shintaro Kago
  • Acrylic standees
  • Original soundtrack
  • Demon Idol keychain
  • Dan Barrows stress ball
  • Sticker sheet
  • Clock Tower statuette
  • Ham object enamel pin

The pre-order period of this title will begin on May 31st and will run until June 30th. Those looking for more information on the game can tune into IGN Live, Guerrilla Collective and LRG3 showcases this June in hopes that a release date will be revealed.