The Prime Minister is back for another term as Lidia Sobieski is Tekken 8’s 2nd DLC character

I did the EVO Japan descriptor in the announcement for Marco Rodrigues for Fatal Fury: City of Wolves, so I’m not going to repeat myself. Suffice to say SNK wasn’t the only company that had something to show off this past weekend. As Chikurin secured their spot for the Tekken World Tour Finals, we at home learned what was in store for the first season pass for Tekken 8.

Besides the 4 new combatants that will be joining the game’s 32 character roster, Eddy Gordo has been out and about frustrating players to no end with his wily fighting style. The 2nd character of season 1 has been revealed and it’s Lidia Sobieski, the Polish Karateka who is also the nation’s prime minister. As the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation intensified, Lidia literally enters the King of the Iron Fist tournament almost as an act of hands-on diplomacy.

In not character related news, season one will see a new stage dubbed “Seaside Resort” (What is with Lidia and always being released with a tropical themed stage?). The summer update will also bring photo mode, allowing you to capture your favorite moments, be it intense or comedic, it will be something you can keep for posterity sake. Eddy Gordo’s tale will also be told in a story mode expansion that is set for the fall and two new modes Ghost vs Ghost and Online Practice will give you new ways to play and train!

I’m sure this is just a sample of what’s to come and if Tekken 8 gets as much as Tekken 7 did, we’re in for a lot of updates.

Tekken 8 is available now on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Additional characters can be purchased individually or as part of the game’s season pass, which can also be bought with the base game with its premium editions.

TEKKEN 8 | SEASON 1 Trailer:

TEKKEN 8 | SEASON 1 Trailer

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