It’s just show business in Nerial and Devolver Digital’s The Crush House

Someone has to do the work to make sure your favorite TV show gets on air and in Nerial’s latest title, that person is you! You’re Jae, and you’ve been hired to be the producer of 1999’s hottest reality show, The Crush House!

Gather the talent, make sure they get into situations that will generate ratings, make sure you’re giving the audience what they want and make sure to run some ads to ensure you can keep the lights on. However there’s only one important rule, DO NOT TALK TO THE TALENT…surely that will make directing them a bit rough, but hey you’re a resourceful person right?

Of course the action isn’t over after the cameras turn off, as there’s amiss with The Crush House, so maybe pull a Mystery Inc in your off hours and perhaps you can discover the secrets behind the show…shame you can’t air that part!

The Crush House is coming to PC sometime this year.

The Crush House screens:

The Crush House | Reveal Trailer

The Crush House | Reveal Trailer