Exoprimal’s 4th season brings Mega Man to Bikitoa Island

Hello Exofighters! If you’ve participated in the Exoprimal’s Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter collaboration then you might be interested in the crossover that is coming when the game gets its next title update on April 17th.

It’s Mega Man! The latest Capcom Collab for the game features Capcom’s blue mascot. Players can acquire and don new skins that will allow them to look like Mega Man, Air Man and a regular sized Yellow Devil. The collaboration will also feature a boss battle that will put you and up to 9 other exofighters against the Yellow Devil, one of Dr. Wily’s diabolical creations. Whittle it down and grab the energy tanks that will appear, can you prevail and earn some fantastic prizes?

In addition to the collaboration this new update will bring 6 new exosuits, and 2 new play modes. Replay old story missions or take on the penultimate mission at a higher difficulty, the game will also sprinkle some seasonal events to keep things interesting!

Exoprimal is available now on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Exoprimal – Mega Man Collaboration screens:

Exoprimal – Mega Man Collaboration Trailer:

Exoprimal - Mega Man Collaboration Trailer