Atari announces NeoSprint will exit Atari VCS exclusivity this summer

Atari and Headless Chicken Games (great studio name by the way!) is so confident with their work on NeoSprint, an isometric arcade-style racer, that they will be releasing the game on PC and consoles this summer. The game is currently available in early access on Atari’s VCS.

NeoSprint will feature multiple modes which will test your driving mettle, from Grand Prix, Time Trial and even Obstacle Courses, each track will feature up to 3 layers and a variety of gimmicks, from jumps, speed strips and even all sorts of hazards! Select and  customize 9 types of cars, each with their own attributes and fine tune your ride so that you’re always standing on a podium after the checkered flag has waved! If you’ve somehow mastered the pre-built tracks the game has to offer, build your own or download new tracks made by users. Also you can prove you’re the best in the world by racing online in races which can include up to 8 racers.

NeoSprint is currently available on the Atari VCS and will be coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms sometime this Summer.

NeoSprint – 1.0 Announce Trailer

NeoSprint - 1.0 Announce Trailer

NeoSprint screens: