Prime Video sets the world on fire with a brand new trailer for the Fallout TV show

War never changes, but Video Game adaptations can…and for the better? I say that as we got our first full look at the Fallout TV series that is coming April 11th on Prime Video. Short of the Super Mario movie I think I’ve been skeptical and down right resistant to giving any TV or movies adapted from a video game a chance…but it seems Kilter Films (founded by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy) has created something magical here.

We were privy to have been invited to an official trailer reveal yesterday where Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan, Showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner and Stars Ella Purnell and Aaron Moten sat to discuss the project and we also heard from Todd Howard and Walton Goggins briefly. What we learned was that Nolan was inspired to pitch the show due to Fallout 3 and the series doesn’t retell any of the Fallout titles, instead it is using the setting and timelines established by the game.

The trailer itself was jaw dropping, seemingly transcribing the game to live action. You saw the stark contrast between life in the Vault vs life in the Wasteland and Ella Purnell’s Lucy acts as a perfect tour guide to bridge both those worlds. The ever ubiquitous Mister Handy even makes an appearance sporting a voice that made me scramble to see if Stephen Russell was attached to the project (It’s inconclusive at the moment…)! It’s an 8 episode series that will be released simultaneously on Prime Video April 11th. I guess I know what I’ll be doing a couple days before taxes are due.

Fallout the series can be viewed exclusively on Prime Video April 11th, 2024.

Fallout – Official Trailer | Prime Video:

Fallout - Official Trailer | Prime Video