Agent 47 has nothing on the THE GIRL from Children of the Sun

I’m sure if Lee Harvey Oswald was still alive, he’d probably be impressed with THE GIRL’s sharpshooting ability. The protagonist of Children of the Sun from developer René Rother and publisher Devolver Digital is seeking to take down THE CULT which ruined her life and all she’ll need is one bullet.

Hit the first target, then readjust the shot’s trajectory to create a chain of pain and suffering all with just a single pull of the trigger. If this premise seems too absurd for you, you can see it in action now as there is a demo featuring seven levels for you to test your sharpshooting acumen.

Aside from the interesting mechanics, Children of the Sun will weave a tale of revenge which can only end when THE LEADER meets their maker. The journey will start on PC sometime in 2024, but who knows what route it can take.

Children of the Sun | Reveal Trailer:

Children of the Sun | Reveal Trailer