Tekken 8 stands at the pinnacle as critics heap praise in this newly released accolades trailer

The Mishimas clash once again and it seems the audience is here for it! Tekken 8 which came out last week January 26th has seen a plethora of critical acclaim. From gaming outlets such as IGN, PlayStation universe to more broader outlets such as VentureBeat and Rolling Stone, critics agree that Tekken 8 is poised to be the greatest entry of this long running series to date. I’d be a fool to disagree as the title has already garnered Metacritic’s Must Play status based on (at time of writing) 71 reviews aggregated across the internet.

For the uninitiated Tekken tells the story of the Mishima clan, a family cursed with the mysterious devil gene whose squabbles have teetered the world to the edge. Ironically the world’s savior might come in the form of another Mishima, Jin Kazama, a man who has enmity towards his very bloodline. Aside this riveting tale of familial strife, you can also follow the stories of the over 30+ characters from the franchise, to mainstays such as Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu to brand new combatants such as “The Coffee Queen” Azucena and French Super Spy Victor Chevalier. Learn the ropes of Tekken with the brand new Arcade mode which seeks to familiarize new players with the techniques and concepts of the game, hoping to create new competitive players!

Tekken 8 is available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

TEKKEN 8 – Accolades Trailer:

TEKKEN 8 - Accolades Trailer

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