Stick Bulletstorm into your face as the shooter heads to VR headsets next week!

It’s hard to get motivated, but you know what certainly helps…the need for revenge! You’re Grayson Hunt, forced into piracy after being betrayed by his commander, a chance encounter has given him an opportunity for payback!

Bulletstorm originally released 2011 and while a sequel never came to be, the game managed to pop up in the form of a PC/PS4/Xbox One port. So it’s interesting to see the title resurface for VR Headsets (as we covered when it was first announced, but was delayed). As someone who finally got his Meta Quest 2 working properly, I think it might be the time to return to Stygia with a brand new perspective! This VR port has exclusive features such as fully immersive weapon reloading, head-aimed energy leashing, and dual-wielded Energy Blades. So will these additions add to the experience and also how will the drunk segments feel in VR? Color me interested.

Bulletstorm VR will be available January 18th, 2024 on Steam VR, PlayStation VR2 and save 10% off the price if you pre-order on the Meta Quest store.

Campaign for Vengeance Trailer | Bulletstorm VR | Meta Quest, PS VR2, Steam VR:

Campaign for Vengeance Trailer | Bulletstorm VR | Meta Quest, PSVR2, SteamVR

Bulletstorm VR screens: