Don’t lose your head thinking about how cute Alisa Bosconovitch looks in her Tekken 8 character trailer

To make good for a quiet first week of January it seems the Tekken team decided to go all out before MLK weekend, dropping 3 videos over the course of the week. We saw famed actor Brian Cox recap the franchise, a character trailer for Ling Xiaoyu’s ursine companion, Panda and today a character trailer for the android combatant Alisa Bosconovitch!

Modeled after his late daughter, Doctor Bosconovtich created an android whose purpose was shrouded in mystery. During the course of Tekken 6 it would be revealed that her purpose was to protect Jin Kazama even if she has to eliminate the friends she’s made along the way including Lars Alexandersson (Who is Mishima by birth…but someone avoided being thrown off a cliff). Her programming has been revised and now she fights of her own free will, looking to reunite with Lars to take on the threat of Kazuya Mishima.

She might be demure and soft spoken, but when threatened she’s more than capable of defending herself. Her arms can transform into chainsaws, she’s equipped with boosters that can help her escape danger or close the distance. She’s not even opposed to using her head…literally as she can lob it at her foes causing confusion before detonating the head causing massive damage.

Tekken 8 will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S on January 26th 2024.

TEKKEN 8 — Alisa Reveal & Gameplay Trailer:

TEKKEN 8 — Alisa Reveal & Gameplay Trailer