Sit underneath Josef’s learning tree in this new Unicorn Overlord trailer

Ten years have passed since the Zenoiran Empire conquered the continent of Fevrith. The former heir of the Kingdom of Cornia, Alain has come of age and prepares a campaign to free the continent from the grip of these invaders. The former prince has many allies at his beck and call and one such is Josef, a Holy Knight that is a font of knowledge. In fact the subject of this newly released trailer shows a lesson between the knight and the exiled prince…one which discusses exploring the continent of Fevirth.

In Unicorn Overlord your goal is to liberate the continent from the Zenoirans. You can tackle this task any way you like, spread from a centralized point or liberate towns in a random order with no rhyme or reason. Your travels will also uncover people who need aid, tackling these quests can net precious resources or even people who will fight for your cause. You can drive the enemies away, but if you don’t do anything for the newly liberated inhabitants, you’d be no better than their former masters, so make sure you allot resources to rebuilding these liberated regions so they can be a boon to your campaign! Josef closes his lesson by telling the prince to explore the lands thoroughly if something catches his eye.

It seems like we’ll see more interactions with Josef and Alain as the former mentions their next lesson will be covering interactions with the army that he will amass, so I guess there will be more Commander’s Guidance clips in our future!

Unicorn Overlord will be available March 8th 2024 on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Unicorn Overlord — Josef’s Guide to Exploration! | Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4:

Unicorn Overlord — Josef’s Guide to Exploration! | Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4