Mechanism reveals a trio of products for a February launch

Mechanism (formerly known as Deckmate) has been a company that is near and dear to my heart. The company identified and solved an issue with the Steam Deck in that Valve’s portable platform did not have a kickstand. With their Deckmate system not only can you attach a kickstand, but its mount allows you to attach pretty much anything you want…as long as you can apply the company’s adhesive puck to the object you want to mount.

The company eventually applied their modular mount system to other portable pc platforms such as the ROG Ally, and you can apply adhesive pucks to make it compatible with their mounts. Today the rebranded company announced 3 new products that will be released in February…with one shipping on Leap Year Day.

If you’ve ever wanted to keep your phone close to act as a second screen, Mechanism’s Phone Mount will let you do so. Utilizing a mix of unique and pre-existing parts, you can attach your phone, be it an Android or an iOS device to be visible above or below your handheld device. Those looking for a way to stream videos or make video calls while you have a gaming session, this product will make it easier starting on February 29th.

The PlayStation Portal was a sought after device despite many wondering who this product is for. Like the Steam Deck it lacks a kickstand and the team at Mechanism also alleviates this issue with their Portalmate grip. A piece that snaps easily onto the Portal, but doesn’t jostle. Now you can utilize the various mounts, be it old standbys such as the wall mount, VESA mount and even the upcoming phone mount that will be incoming. Secure your PlayStation Portal when the Portalmate grip pre-orders begin next week on February 1st (it will start shipping February 22nd).

The last product revealed that will debut in February will be aimed towards connoisseurs of low cost Swedish furniture. The Skadis mount is for…well you guessed it, Ikea’s pegboard system. Utilizing the pegs on the board the Skadis mount distinguishes itself by one of the few products in the company’s lineup that doesn’t require the industrial strength 3M adhesive strips, rather it uses metallic twist pegs which means you can adjust it’s placement on the board as much as you like. I know the next time I’m in the mood for some meatballs I’ll certainly look to secure some peg boards, so I can utilize these new mounts when they start shipping February 22nd (Pre-orders however begin on February 1st).

With such a slew of products coming out in the shortest month of the year, will we see another round of products in March or perhaps the cadence will slow for a bit. Needless to say I’m looking at every flat surface around my home for possible places to adhere Mechanism’s various mounts.