Indulge in the Sins of Flesh with Cult of the Lamb’s free update

With over 3.5 million copies sold it seems the Cult of the Lamb has amassed quite the flock. The games’ X account has also been pretty entertaining as it updated it’s congregants and embroiled itself with the demands of the fabled “Sex update”. Well that update is finally released…kinda?

Sins of the Flesh which is out today will add more depth to the game’s followers mechanic. This update will allow them to lead richer and more productive lives by being able to tailor and wear their own clothes, clean up after themselves and even find love! That’s right there’s sex and while it probably isn’t as explicit as the depraved fanbase wishes it would be. It means two members of the cult can procreate and raise more members to grow your cult.

This update doesn’t leave the cult’s glorious leader out in the cold, for he shall receive a new weapon to smite the non-believers. The mighty Blunderbuss! Aim true..but make sure you’re really close to get the full impact of this firearm or if you can bide your time and charge the dang thing, you can take out foes from a distance!

For those who don’t mind paying their tithe, the Sinful Pack will put you in the good graces of Massive Monster as you place $6.99 (Consoles) or $4.99 (PC) into their collection plate. The blessing that will be bestowed will include 5 new follower types, 6 follower outfits, 6 base decorations and a fleece which will alter the way the Lamb will play (Couldn’t the team remove the fleece and add one more follower, so that this pack’s content look like a certain “cursed” number).

Cult of the Lamb is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms and to celebrate the launch of Sins of the Flesh the game is seeing a 40% discount for exactly one week (Ending on January 23rd). So if you want to get indoctrinated…know you’ll keep some of that coin in your pocket!

Cult of the Lamb | Sins of the Flesh | Launch Trailer:

Cult of the Lamb | Sins of the Flesh | Launch Trailer