Gaming is coming to Genshin Impact v4.4!

For those who have kept up with Genshin Impact’s Archon Quests, Fontaine’s prophecy has been resolved and we’re in that timeframe where we can expect an appearance from Dainsleif…any minute now. Until he shows himself and we get another chapter of his storyline, Genshin Impact 4.4 which is arriving on January 31st will be returning to the Land of Contracts and we’re celebrating another Lantern Rite!

Lantern Rite for the uninitiated is the New Year’s festival analogous to the Lunar New Year celebrated primarily by China. Teyvat’s version usually involves the releasing of Lanterns into the night sky in hopes the wishes that are transcribed in them will come true in the upcoming new year…mine usually involve getting lucky in gacha and nabbing all 5 star characters with minimal pulls.

In this third in-game iteration of this festival the focus has shifted from lanterns to kites, but that doesn’t mean HoYoverse will be any less generous. The festival will offer many games which will net rewards such as in-game currency, primogems and even a brand new outfit for Xingqiu, the bookworm second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild Master. For those who want a hand out for little work, the game will also be doling out 10 Intertwined Fates (Gacha Currency) for daily logins and will straight up send 3 Intertwined Fates and 2 Fragile Resin (Resource Currency) to players’ inbox. Ganyu and Shenhe will receive new outfits which will be available for purchase using Genesis Crystals (yet another paid currency), but the price of these costumes will be discounted until the game’s next update.

Liyue also gets bigger in this new year as the region known as Chenyu Vale will open up in version 4.4. Situated in the north west region it connects the Land of Contracts with the Land of Justice (Fontaine). Tea is the region’s famed output and legend has it that the legendary Adepti imparted the cultivation techniques that are being used to this day.

The region will also boast two new technical features that have not been utilized in game before. The Global Far Fog will modulate the density and direction of the mist based on a myriad of conditions such as elevation, and terrain. The Gradient Tint Rock will tint the mountains in shades of cyan, green or tan. HoYoverse is so proud of these two systems that they even included promotional videos showcasing these systems which can be viewed here and here (Thanks to Gematsu for uploading them!). Chenyu Vale will definitely look like it came out of a painting due to these new features.

It wouldn’t be a new version of Genshin Impact without a way to part players with their hard earned/purchased primogems. This version might definitely empty any red envelopes I receive this year as Xianyun and Gaming (please refrain from guffawing! As someone with a foreign name which means something else in English, I feel this character’s pain!).

Xianyun is actually a character fans of Genshin Impact has encountered before (No it’s not Bayonetta…although I totally see the resemblance), she’s actually the human form of Cloud Retainer, the crane-like Adepti who has watched over Liyue for centuries as well acts a as mother-like figure to other obtainable characters, Shenhe and Ganyu. Having her in your party will greatly boost your mobility as she can air dash as well as increase jump and diving attacks in multiplayer situations.

Gaming…despite his odd name is a four star claymore wielder who has a pyro vision. Outside of his work as a guard, another passion is Wushou dancing which is analogous to Lion Dancing. He and Xianyun will be summonable as part of the first phase of Version 4.4’s banners alongside another opportunity to pull for Nahida. The second phase of summon banners will give players a chance to obtain Yae Miko and Xiao.

Whether you’re run out of things to do or you’re struggling to catch up, do not miss out on the Lantern Rite activities as well as all the various events that will be taking place in Version 4.4 of Genshin Impact coming January 31st.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, Mobile and the PlayStation platform.

Version 4.4 “Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 4.4 "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze" Trailer | Genshin Impact

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