Reach out and grab a physical copy of Sea of Stars at iam8bit

Canada, they’re our neighbors to the North and while we generally get along with them sometimes they’ll say something completely head scratching. Take an unnamed French Canadian publisher who recently had an executive say that “Gamers should get used to not owning their games”. Wacky, I know! Thankfully you can’t judge a nation by one company as another French Canadian developer who’s keen on letting you own their game!

That’s right, Sabotage Studio, the developer behind The Messenger has teamed up with iam8bit to bring you physical copies of their sophomore title, Sea of Stars! The game which has been available since August 2023 has garnered rave reviews from fans as well as gaming press, won numerous year end awards and even earned nominations at The Game Awards.

The physical edition will include a physical copy of the game (d’uh), a double sided poster featuring art from Bryce Kho who handled concept art for the title, and a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack which includes tracks from Yasunori Mitsuda, Vincent Jackson Jones II and Reece Miller. For someone who needs a bit more, you can opt for the iam8bit exclusive edition which will also net you a slipcase, physical manual, sticker sheet, and a poster of the game’s world map! For discerning music lovers who feel they need their music via an analog medium, the boutique games retailer is also offering the game’s soundtrack on vinyl!

The basic version of the title can be pre-ordered at various retailers, the iam8bit store will have all the items announced on their digital storefront and everything is expected to ship in Q2 2024. As for what’s next for the studio, they are working on DLC for Sea of Stars titled Throes of the Watchmaker (I wonder if this content will be baked into the physical releases?) as well as their unnamed third title.

Sea of Stars is available now digitally on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Sea of Stars | Accolades + Physical Edition Announcement Trailer:

Sea of Stars | Accolades + Physical Edition Announcement Trailer