Persona 5 Tactica x Gyu-Kaku brings drinks and keychains to Phantom Thieves fanatics

Gyu-Kaku, the chain of Japanese BBQ restaurants is no stranger to working with SEGA, as their restaurants have appeared in the company’s Yakuza/Like a Dragon titles. So it’s neat to see that they’ve partnered with yet another hot IP from the House of Sonic.

Starting on November 17th and going until December 17th, diners can partake in copious amounts of grilled meats and wash it down with any of the drinks offered in the Triple Threat Drink Menu! These Persona 5 Tactica inspired drinks include, Phantom Judge (Cucumber Lemonade with Club Soda and Red Bull Sugarfree), Flag of Freedom (Cranberry Juice with Red Bull Original), and the Brigantine Blitzkrieg (Mocktail Piña Colada with Red Bull Yellow Edition). The Brigantine Blitzkrieg in my personal opinion is probably the most delectable one, although I’m curious if red bull is a silent partner in this collaboration.

Having a drink isn’t the end of the collaboration, because if you share a picture of your drink of choice on social media, you can receive one of 5 keychains which can double as a standee. The keychain options include Joker (Protagonist), Panther (Ann), Skull (Ryuji), Morgana and Erina…sorry fellow Oracle (Futaba) fans, we’re outta luck. But at least we can drown our sorrows with meat and drinks.

Make sure to check the following page full details and to find a participating restaurant, otherwise KANPAI!

Also don’t forget to check out Persona 5 Tactica when it comes out on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on November 17th, 2023.