Iam8bit gives gamers what they want this Black Friday “Season”…a thermos?

I like consumerism as much as the next man, but are we really going to turn Black Friday into a multi-week affair? Apparently Iam8bit is just one of these retailers (Walmart does beat them by a day…but for their Walmart+ members). The retailer will be starting their version of the festivities dubbed The Great iam8bit Black Friday Re-Stocking, this Thursday November 9th at 12pm EST/9am PST with a variety of restocks and discounts. One of the items which has become a must have is one I’ve never expected…

A thermos, specifically one from the critically acclaimed Alan Wake 2. The Oh Deer Diner thermos is getting a second run, as this first run has been quite a sought after item on the gray market. For those looking for limited print games and other gaming merchandise that they might have missed out on during its initial run or items at discount, here’s a sampling of what’s on sale during Iam8bit’s Black Friday Sale, which will run until November 27th.

And yes…I will be at my computer at 12pm hoping to secure said thermos, because I love scalping! May the fastest keyboard warrior win!