Immortals of Aveum getting new content, new difficulty, new free trial

Even though I was a huge fan of Immortals of Aveum, I can see why its brand of action sci-fi — which undeniably felt a little anachronistic — may not have struck a chord with a bigger audience. Nonetheless, for those of us who were fans of the game, today brought good news from developers Ascendant Studios, who announced the game will be getting a bunch of new updates later this month.

Among the highlights, which you can read about on the studio’s blog:

  • new content that they’re calling “The Echollector”, which will have new post-endgame content, along with more gear and more lore to collect;
  • a New Game+ mode, which will allow you to start over with all your accumulated skills;
  • a new difficulty level, Grand Magnus, which will make the game even harder; and
  • all kinds of performance updates, which should help anyone who’s been having issues with the game’s performance.

Want to see how at least some of these updates will work? Then one more bit of good news: the game will be getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X free trial on November 16th, which will allow you to play up to Chapter Three. There’s also a free trial coming to Steam later this month, which should help PC gamers who found that the game wasn’t properly optimized at launch. We’ll see whether it’s all enough to get more eyeballs on Immortals of Aveum, but as a fan of the game, I’m eager to check it out!