Kenan Thompson switches partners in a new ad for Nintendo

He might be SNL’s Kenan Thompson, but to us kids of the ’90s he’ll always be known as All That’s Kenan Thompson! However in a new ad for Nintendo, Thompson shows the world the greatest role he’s ever taken on, the father of two girls. Set to air during the holiday season, it shows the comedian sharing his love of video games with daughters, Georgia and Gianna.

The first title showcased in the clip is Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom where the older child and Kenan concoct a plan to reunite a korok who has been separated from its friend. After facilitating that reunion, the duo are joined by the younger child as they play mini games in Super Mario Party, where the old man shows his younger charges a proper way to sizzle a steak! The ad cuts to later in the evening after Gianna is tuckered out and it’s just Georgia and Dad taking a trip to the Flower Kingdom in the newly released Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The two make a little bet to see who can reach the flagpole first and it results in youth beating experience as the younger Thompson trouncing the elder! Georgia however wasn’t a sore winner as the ad closes with some celebratory high fives and smiles all around.

Well Nintendo certainly knows how to advertise to families and as some of age and have families of our own, it only makes sense to introduce our scions to the hobby we loved with the company we grew up with. With a strong holiday line up I’m sure Nintendo products will see the bottom of many Christmas trees (or whatever vector of gift giving which you subscribe to). Now the only question I have left is…where was mom during this ad?

Fun Day with Kenan Thompson & Family – Nintendo Switch:

Fun Day with Kenan Thompson & Family - Nintendo Switch

Watch how Kenan and his family have a fun daddy-daughter day with Nintendo Switch. Games shown rated Everyone to Everyone 10+ by the ESRB.