Sonic Superstars races out ahead of the competition today!

Progress is always good, but sometimes going back to what brought you to the dance is something we can all enjoy. Sonic Superstars (our review here) brings the blue blur back to the 2D plane with a new adventure taking place in the Northstar Islands. But just because you’re doing it old school doesn’t mean you can’t show off some new tricks. Gather the Emeralds and harness the powers they provide to make the most out of your journey through this new land.

Whether you’re going it alone, or you’re trying to keep up with 3 other players, Sonic Superstars will definitely put the Chaos in Chaos Emeralds! However if you think teamwork is overrated, you can also play battle mode where you can compete in a variety of games locally or online to determine which one of you reigns supreme!

Sonic Superstars is available both physically and digitally, but a deluxe version will only be available digitally and it includes additional skins for characters which includes turning your characters into LEGO minifigs, a Mecha Sonic Skin for Battle Mode, additional menu wallpapers, a digital artbook featuring concept art from the title and mini soundtrack. The base title will retail for $59.99 and the deluxe version will cost $69.99, if you eventually want to upgrade to the digital version, an upgrade kit is available for $14.99 at the digital marketplace of your choice.

Sonic Superstars is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Sonic Superstars – Launch Trailer:

Sonic Superstars - Launch Trailer