Lies of P passes the 1 Million units sold mark in a little under a month of release

It’s gotten rave reviews (including ours right here) and the gamers flocked accordingly!  I might have gotten the game’s Platinum trophy (Soft flex right there, I know. Just don’t look at my playtime…), but I still will periodically watch YouTube videos about NEOWIZ and Round8 Studio’s Lies of P.  Be it build or strategy showcases or even videos exploring the lore of this souls-like title, I’m just one of a million players (cause who buys multiple copies of the same game? ::glances at the 2 copies of the now hard to find deluxe edition sitting on my shelf::) enthralled by the title where nature and man both contribute to the fall of society.

You play as a puppet with the unique ability to lie, you must battle your way through the devastated city of Krat to uncover the cause of the Puppet Frenzy and the Petrification Disease which ravages the land. Along the way, wield fantastic weapons that you can customize by attaching blades to handles giving you control of the types of attacks you can perform, be it wide sweeps or lightning fast jabs and you could even set enemies ablaze or slowly drain their vitality by poisoning them.

Jiwon Choi, the director on the title issued a statement celebrating this milestone and indicated while the project had its ups and downs, the reception and the feedback has made the endeavor worthwhile. He also hinted that this would not be the only time players will frolic in this world and they will reveal more when the time is right.

So have you taken on the Parade Master only to get rebuffed numerous times or have you witnessed P’s fate after the credits rolled. Regardless, let’s hope the sales numbers continue to increase as I for one would love nothing more than to spend time in this world…just make sure the Malum District Vendor comes back for the sequel!

Lies of P is available now on PC, Mac, the PlayStation and the Xbox platforms. The game is also available on Microsoft’s Game Pass service.

Lies of P – Accolades Trailer

Lies of P - Accolades Trailer