RGG Studio drops a near infinite wealth of info on their upcoming games!

While the timing of the video’s release was past my bedtime, I guess it’s a good thing I watched the first dedicated western RGG Like a Dragon Direct first thing in the morning, because if I watched it when it premiered, I would not have gotten a wink of sleep.

The 40ish minute program (VOD available here) split time between the upcoming two titles with Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name leading off, but Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth garnering more time overall. The program worked pretty well as a primer to the series as they took time to introduce both male leads of each game as well as recap some of the events that lead them to their respective titles. With it’s impending release on November 9th, the only major reveal for Like a Dragon Gaiden was game’s title song “Katatoki” which is performed by Yojiro Noda and Atlanta based rapper J.I.D..

Besides knowing that the series lead, Ichiban somehow ended up naked on a beach in Hawaii, details for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth have been scant, but that all ended today as we learned plenty regarding the plot. Reuniting with an old foe, Jo Sawashiro, Ichiban is sent to Hawaii to find his birth mother. Twist and turns ensues, old friends reunite and new bonds are forged as we have a Like a Dragon adventure which takes place in two continents!

The RPG battle has been overhauled since Like a Dragon, with players being able to freely move their characters around the field, providing more tactics in combat. The job system returns and we will be treated to some wild careers, such as Action Star, Samurai, Pyro Dancer and Sujimancer! Poundmates, the game’s equivalent of Summon Spells brings a plethora of characters who have long been seen in the series, from Hosts Kazuki & Yuya, Kiryu’s Ride or Die crew of Date & Akiyama…and even Kiryu’s lost love Karou Sayama!

Fans of the series’ side excursions need not fret as a large chunk of the activities from LaD will return (Can collectors you can breathe a sigh of relief), but the new ones are just as fun…and Crazy. One such is Crazy Delivery, a food delivery mini-game inspired by the SEGA arcade classic, Crazy Taxi! Also you might’ve been a Sujimon master in the previous game, but now you can do something with them as Sujimon Battles will have you training and fighting your Sujimon.

If you’re a RGG fan, you’re gonna have a great couple of months in end of this year/beginning of the next. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will release on November 9th and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth with start the new year on January 24th.



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