Victrix’s Pro BFG prepares for war with a new Call of Duty inspired look

Victrix’s Pro BFG Controller wow’d me with this comfort and modularity when I tried it out last year at an event during New York Comic Con. It seems the while they’re not busy fending off the FTC, Activision signed a deal with Victrix to release a Call of Duty themed Pro BFG.

Dubbed the Las Almas Pro BFG, it’s themed after the fictional Las Almas Cartel from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The controller’s back is bathed in gold while the face features a gold pattern that includes barbed wire, skulls and roses which is prominently featured in the cartel’s logo (Do real world drug cartels even have logos?). The controller is an officially licensed PlayStation product and can be used wirelessly on a PlayStation 4/5 and on PC via X-input (oddly enough, no Xbox support which Jim Ryan scaremongered would be the future exclusive home of the franchise).

The limited edition version of the Pro BFG is available directly on the company’s website and retails for $199.99 much like its default edition.

Victrix Las Almas Pro BFG controller product shots: