Explore new horrors in The Chinese Room’s Still Wakes the Deep

While there were plenty of interesting new games announced at today’s Xbox Games Showcase, for a certain type of gamer, none may be more interesting than the announcement that The Chinese Room have a new game coming in early 2024 called Still Wakes the Deep:

Still Wakes The Deep - Announcement Trailer | PEGI Rated

So what is it about? As you’d expect from The Chinese Room, the developers of Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture are a little vague at the moment:

You are an off-shore oil rig worker, fighting for his life through a vicious storm, perilous surroundings, and the dark, freezing North Sea waters. All lines of communication have been severed. All exits are gone. All that remains is to face the unknowable horror that’s come aboard.

Undoubtedly we’ll know more in the coming months, but if you’re wondering what might be gracing a whole lot of year-end lists 18 months from now, given The Chinese Room’s track record, you have to assume that Still Wakes the Deep is going to be strong contender.