Seagate will ensure exploration of the great unknown with a Starfield-branded Game Drive/Hub

Two discs… we’ve been screaming that once the Summer Game Fest ended on Thursday. It seems enhanced graphical fidelity has exceeded the capacity of a Blu-ray Disc. With expensive storage options like NVME drives and Xbox’s proprietary storage expansion cards, you’re gonna have to make some hard choices regarding what games you’re keeping on your system. Thankfully the folks at Seagate have your back, offering reliable and affordable storage options for players who want to keep more than a handful of titles.

To celebrate the impending launch of Bethesda’s Starfield (you know this game’s gonna take up a lot of hard drive space), players can purchase Starfield Special Edition Game Drive and Game Hub. Decorated with graphics of the spacefaring organization, Constellation, you won’t have to worry what games you’ll keep while exploring the cosmos!

The Game Drive and Game Hub offers large capacities (up to 5tb for the Drive, up to 8tb for the Hub). The Drive has a small profile and doesn’t require an external power source and the Hub can power other usb devices with their USB-C and USB-A ports. Both plug in and can be formatted for use on the Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One X|S in under two minutes. Seagate also provides up to 3 years of data recovery services and a 1 year warranty on the devices itself.

Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive, Game Hub product shots:

Players can start pre-ordering the Starfield special edition of the Game Drive and Game Hub and here are the configurations and capacities prospective buyers can choose from. These drives will ship sometime in September.

Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox

  • 2TB $109.99
  • 5TB $169.99

Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Hub for Xbox

  • 8TB $239.99