Retroware dumps a slew of Toxic Crusaders news!

The folks at Retroware have been busy and they’ve decided to drop a megaton of news ahead of this weekend! First, Toxic Crusaders will be playable during Steam’s Next Fest which is going from June 19th to the 26th. Second, during the entire Steam Next Fest, the team at Retroware will be livestreaming during the entire event, that’s right 24 hours, 8 days, it’s a herculean effort I would wish on no entity, but the team is going to give it their all with plenty of time with the dev team, gameplay footage, an interview with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman and airings of the 1991 cartoon which the game draws from.

However these episodes have been cleaned up and upscaled for 4K! Eventually these episodes will be available on blu-ray, but this Steam Next Fest Stream will be the first time they will be viewable publicly.

Outside of the various Steam Next Fest shenanigans, Retroware announced the band Psychostick will be composing the game’s soundtrack. The humorcore group promises they will weave easter eggs on all the tracks they will be contributing to the game’s score…so my ears are piqued.

As if their staff isn’t stretched to the limits during the Steam Next Fest, Retroware will also be exhibiting at TooManyGames Expo (June 23rd to the 25th)! They will be bringing 4 demo stations and plenty of slime for attendees to take home after trying out the title.

It looks like next week will be quite a gauntlet for the team at Retroware. Thankfully they won’t have an impending release date to deal with as Toxic Crusader is now scheduled for an early 2024 release.

Toxic Crusaders is expected to release on PC, but the team hopes for console releases down the line.

Toxic Crusaders screens: