Bandai Namco brings anime to Anime Expo

So what are you up to this week? Gonna get the family together, do some grilling, maybe watch an act of gluttony on the boardwalks of New York’s most famous beach? If none of that sounds appealing, how about shuffling into the L.A. Convention Center and indulge in four days of all things anime! That’s right Anime Expo will be going on from July 1st to the 4th and Bandai Namco will be there to ensure you’re aware of the games they’ll be releasing throughout 2023.

Situated at Booths 2300 and 360, you’ll find Bandai Namco’s basecamp where you can enjoy demos for titles such as Naruto X Baruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections, Sword Art Online Last Recollection and One Piece Odyssey. Players who play demos will be rewarded with various gifts, so don’t miss out. For fans of Baten Kaitos and Sword Art Online, there will be space to take photos with characters from those franchises at booth 2300.

For those looking for a seat and some information on the company’s upcoming 2023 slate, your best bet is to attend the Bandai Namco Summer Showcase panel that will be taking place at Petree Hall on July 1st 4:30pm PST. Attendees will be treated to info on upcoming games based on franchises such as Naruto, Sand Land, Sword Art Online and there are promises of and I quote “sweet swag”, so get there early and secure that bag! If you can’t make it but still want to be in the know, the panel is being streamed on Anime Expo’s Twitch Channel, just mind the timezones or pray the panel will be archived.