Arc System Works wants your money, at Anime Expo or on Steam!

Writing all these Anime Expo plans articles makes me lament that I’m not really in a position to attend the show which is happening this weekend at the the LA Convention Center in…well, LA. I find comfort in thinking I won’t have to fight the masses of humanity as I’ve seen crowd shots of that show floor. For those who will be braving it, I salute you and will let you know that Arc System Works certainly want your foot traffic!

The publisher of games such as Guilty Gear, Blazblue, River City Ransom and Double Dragon will be situated at booth #3711. There you can pick up Arc System Works Merch from various partners such as Eighty Sixed, M. Rage and Sukeban NYC. Attendees who purchase over $50 will receive an Arc System Works 35th Anniversary which depicts the release timeline of their titles, those who splurge over $100 dollars will get a 35th anniversary tote bag in addition to the poster. Frankly it shouldn’t be hard to hit those limits if you’re grabbing one of those premium M. Rage jackets.

Not gonna be at AX like Me? Well Arc didn’t forget us either in fact, they’ll be putting over 30 titles on sale up to 90% off at Steam’s Annual Summer Sale. Snatch some cheap games, get some digital trading cards, craft some badges as you add games like Guilty Gear -Strive-, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and more to your library.

So whatever your summer plans are, Arc hopes to be part of it. Are you ready to party?