LEGO Pac-Man Arcade set revealed on the day the icon title had its first location test

May 22nd doesn’t really have much meaning to me…but for the folks at Bandai Namco it’s a bit of an important day. For you see on this date in 1980, a select few met Pac-Man for the first time in Shibuya, Tokyo. Since then, that yellow pill popper has gobbled up plenty of quarters (or wherever local denomination) from players all around the world. To celebrate his 43rd anniversary, the game maker teamed up with the LEGO Group to sell a new set depicting a Pac-Man Arcade Machine!

The LEGO group has worked with video game companies before, names such as Nintendo, SEGA and Atari, so this collaboration is just another feather in the cap for the Danish Toymaker. The set will comprise of 2650 pieces and when completed will be 12.5 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The set will also feature a crank which will cause figures on the marquee and on screen to move. The back panel can also be removed to reveal a mini-diorama of a girl playing an even tinier arcade machine. The set can be purchased at the company’s website and retail locations on June 1st for LEGO VIP members and on the 4th for the general public.

As someone who’s bought LEGO both to build and hold as a quasi investment (trust me…my returns have been 0…DON’T DO IT!), I’m definitely going to grab a set, whether it’ll be set aside to be sold in the distant future or built and left to collect dust. That’s the question. So will you sate your Pac-Man fever and get to the LEGO store on June 4th or will you stay home and get some bed rest? Let us know!

LEGO Pac-Man Arcade product shots: