Tiny Thor drops the hammer on a release date in new trailer

First impressions are important, and when your release date announcement trailer only consists of a walk cycle through various environments, you’re either extremely confident or you’re a Grand Theft Auto Ad. Nonetheless the pixel environments had me intrigued and I made a minimal effort and found a gameplay trailer that definitely whetted my appetite for this title (see embedded below). It looks like a Mario World style platformer where you can use Mjolnir in some pretty cool ways and take on some room sized bosses. Tiny Thor is going to be swinging onto PC on June 5th and let’s hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by some ruffians duking it out in the streets.

Tiny Thor – Release Date Teaser | Hammer Time!

Tiny Thor - Release Date Teaser | Hammer Time!

Tiny Thor – Gameplay Trailer | Ragnarok awaits

Tiny Thor - Gameplay Trailer | Ragnarok awaits

Today, Gameforge, a leading Western publisher of MMORPGs, announced that 16-bit pixel platformer Tiny Thor launches on Windows PC on June 5th. The game is developed by indie studio Asylum Square and published by Gameforge under its IndieForge publishing label.

In Tiny Thor, players will explore the mystical Norse realm of Asgard, adventuring across 30 unique, hand-crafted levels. Along the way, the diminutive deity will encounter tricky environmental puzzles and almighty adversaries, including the many-tentacled Kraken and the infamous trickster God, Loki.

However, no challenge is too great for our young hero! Armed with the incredible mini-Mjolnir, players can freely aim the ricocheting weapon to overcome obstacles and succeed in epic boss battles. Additionally, players can learn special abilities to bestow Thor with mighty powers befitting a (very small) god and unlock challenge levels to test their godliness even further.