Super Mega Baseball 4 gets deep dive in latest video

Super Mega Baseball 4 is out next week — June 2nd! — and today EA and Metalhead Software gave us an in-depth look at what to expect from the new game.

You can watch the video below (or read about it on the EA blog, but the gist of it is: there’s a lot going on here. While the on-field action looks pretty aligned with what we’ve seen from the arcade baseball series in the past (which is to say, all kinds of big homers and blazing fastballs), it’s clear that the game is trying to give players a little more to sink their teeth into this time around in terms of stuff like team construction. Player drafts, free agents (with all kinds of extra perks to throw at players to entice them), a deep franchise mode — even without looking at all the new players, MLB legends, and stadiums, it’s clear that we’ve come a long way from the first Super Mega Baseball game.

We only have to wait a week to find out, so fingers crossed that SMB4 lives up to the standards of its predecessors!

Super Mega Baseball 4 Gameplay On and Off-Field Deep Dive