Konami reveals their May & June Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG releases

Summer is right around the corner and Yu-Gi-Oh players are in the lab practicing and getting ready for one of the biggest tournaments of the summer. The North American World Championship takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 7th and goes through the 9th. Before we can get to the summer showdown Konami is treating TGC players to a treat with 3 booster pack releases to shake up metas Cyberstorm Access (5/5) , Wild Survivor (6/2) and Battle of Legend (6/23) will be looking to put a wrinkle into players’ summer plans.

Cyberstorm Access

On May 5, access is granted to brand-new themes and untold powers. Cyberstorm Access continues the saga of Visas Starfrost, exploring a planet where Synchro Summons reign supreme! Harnessing Visas Starfrost?s power as a Level 6 Tuner, these monsters work with cards from past themes such as, ?Scareclaw,? ?Tearlaments,? and ?Kashtira? to defend your Life Points and flood the field with Synchro Materials. The heart of the strategy is a Level 10 Synchro Monster with 3000 ATK and DEF: use extra Tuner monsters for its Synchro Materials and it can gain extra attacks. If your opponent defeats this stalwart Synchro, its effect will revive key monsters to keep your setup strong. Intrepid Duelists will also find a new Fusion Monster armed with 3000 ATK and immunity to battle. Summon it to destroy a monster of your choice, and it will steal half of the destroyed monster?s Attack and Defense Points! The best part? You can summon it just by banishing Visas Starfrost and any monster with 1500 ATK and 2100 DEF from your field or your graveyard!

The second of the two debut themes in Cyberstorm Access is a peculiarly powerful Pendulum strategy, all revolving around the dreamscape of one solitary sleeper. Play it to your Pendulum Zone and this Level 1 LIGHT Fairy dreams up a Continuous Spell from the theme?s arsenal, then drifts off into your Extra Deck. When the card returns to the reality of your Monster Zones, it?ll banish countless cards from your opponent?s field or Graveyard?but to get the card there, you?ll need to empty your entire Extra Deck! Along the way you?ll special summon Level 10 Nightmares to defend your dreamworld, banishing cards from your Extra Deck to activate their effects. Classic cards like Pot of Extravagance and Pot of Prosperity can power the process, and with little need for normal summons, the old school Gren Maju Da Eiza can cameo to add more punch to your plans.

But new decks are just the beginning! The tale of the Dogmatika, Despia, and Fallen of Albaz gets another chapter in Cyberstorm Access: discover a Level 4 Tuner that’s treated as both a “Dogmatika” and “Despia” card. If normal or special summoned, this monster sends Albaz, or any card that mentions it to the Graveyard, only to revive one of those monsters whenever a card leaves your Extra Deck. Another ?Albion? Fusion appears too, untargetable by card effects! Armed with 3000 ATK and two powerful Special Summon abilities, it continues the Branded sabotage that lets you place betraying monsters like Knightmare Corruptor Iblee onto your opponent’s field.

More Bystial Dragons emerge, including a deadly Level 10 Synchro Monster! The new Bystial Synchro can Special Summon back one of your banished LIGHT or DARK monsters every turn, and when your opponent activates a monster effect, you can return a banished card back to the Deck to negate that monster?s effect or destroy it, all decided by whose banished card was returned to their Deck. With 3500 ATK and such strong effects, this boss monster?s a surefire hit for the fan-favorite ?Dragon Link” deck and for the truly veteran Duelists, the Superheavy Samurai are back and better than ever! Their new overlord is a gigantic Level 12 Synchro Monster with 4000 DEF, attacking from Defense Position using its DEF instead of its ATK. It protects your best Superheavy Samurai monsters by sacrificing your smaller Superheavy Samurai cards, but it also packs an effect that punishes your opponent for activating Spell and Trap Cards by refilling your hand with free draws.

Your favorite themes from Amazing Defenders get upgrades too, as Purrely, Mikanko, and Rescue-ACE Duelists all find extra support! Return to the early days of Xyz Summons with a powerful ??tellarknight? monster and explore the reaches of time and space with an incredible new Normal Spell that breaks the rules of Dueling as we know them. Forego the effects of monsters that activate in your hand to draw two cards in your Draw Phase instead of one, and Normal Summon up to twice per turn!

Unlock your access on May 5! The Cyberstorm Access booster set contains a total of 100 cards: 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, and 10 Secret Rares. Each booster pack has 9 cards: 1 Foil card and 8 Commons. MSRP: $4.49 per 9-card pack.?

Wild Survivors

Then on June 2, it?s about to get wild! The Wild Survivors booster set introduces crazy themes that have to be seen to be believed. Get ready for a theme full of delicious Rituals along with a vicious band of lightning-quick vanquishers. The set also features some fearsome fossils that take everything Dinosaurs do and crank up the prehistoric power. Only the strong will survive!

Get ready for haute cuisine dueling, because the ?Nouvelles? theme is your de facto Deck Du Jour! Set the table with a delicious new Field Spell: activate it to grab your ?Recipe? Ritual Spells from your Deck or Graveyard, then recycle Rituals from your hand and GY to draw up to two cards per turn. Present your opponent with a six (Level) star meal, course by course, as you Tribute your Ritual Monsters with their own effects to plate bigger and bigger threats. Gobble up extra draws, send your favorite orders back to the Deck from the Graveyard, and Tribute your opponent?s monster to Special Summon the head chef behind it all! The grand griller, the boss of your back-of-house, bursts from the kitchen with 2400 ATK and an ability that negates the effects of your opponent?s face-up cards, and Tributes away all their monsters! And the piece de resistance? You can target an opposing monster in Attack Position, Tribute it, and Special Summon the original Hungry Burger from your hand or Deck! It?s buns-down the tastiest theme you?ve ever seen.

Once you?ve worked up an appetite, check out the ?Vanquish Soul? monsters! Each member of this aggressive theme comes armed with three effects: one that you?ll always be able to play, and two more that work when you reveal other monster cards from your hand. Reveal just one monster of the correct Attribute, and you?ll activate effects that protect your monsters, manipulate ATK and DEF, or draw you a card. Reveal two monsters with the right Attributes and stuff gets wild: return monsters to the hand, destroy cards in that Vanquished Soul monster?s column, gain 3000 Attack Points, or inflict 1500 damage directly to your opponent?s Life Points! You can even reveal three cards – one EARTH, one FIRE, and one DARK – to activate the final effect of the theme?s 3000 ATK boss monster, destroying any one card on the field. The best part? All of these ?reveal? effects are Quick Effects, so you can activate them on your turn, or your opponent?s!

And finally, Dinosaur fans are about to get a Jurassic jump on the competition. For years, Dinosaur Decks were defined by three things: Triassic-sized special summons, prehistoric predators that hit the field at the cost of smaller prey, and amazing Xyz monsters that could fossilize your opponent?s game plan with negations. The debuting dinosaurs sharpen the claws of those three strategies, and the savagery starts with a new Normal Spell: activate it to add a Dinosaur Tuner or Dinosaur normal monster from your deck to your hand, then destroy a card in your hand to kick off combos with cards like Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon. Then you can banish that spell card from your graveyard to fusion summon a Dinosaur Fusion Monster, including the new Level 12! With 3800 ATK, you?ll summon it by using any Dinosaur and any Normal Monster. When it?s special summoned it gets you back a Dinosaur from your Graveyard, and when it?s destroyed, you can shuffle back a Normal Monster from your Graveyard to your Deck and revive this massive Fusion! That triggers its effect to get back a Dinosaur, and it will also destroy a card of yours, and one card of your opponent?s. You?ll also find two more high-Level Dinosaurs: one a Level 6 with 2000 ATK, and another at Level 12 with 3500 ATK.

If luck is on your side, you may find one of 15 Collector?s Rare cards in Wild Survivors booster packs! Dinosaur fans can dazzle their opponents with Collector?s Rare versions of Ultimate Conductor Tyranno and Souleating Oviraptor. Fire Formation – Tenki also appears as a Collector?s Rare variant, adding some sparkle to ?Vanquish Soul?.

Get ready to get wild on June 2! The Wild Survivors booster set includes 60 cards total: 35 Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 10 Ultra Rares. In addition, 15 cards are also available as showstopping Collector?s Rare variants. Each booster pack contains 7 cards: 1 Foil card and 6 Rares. MSRP: $4.49 per 7-card pack.

Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge

Finally, on June 23rd, the much-loved Battles of Legend series returns, just weeks before the North America World Championship Qualifier! Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge introduces 52 cards, including lots of monsters sure to please fans of every era of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Dark Magician the Knight of Dragon Magic lets you fuse Yugi?s Dark Magician with a Level 7 or higher dragon or warrior, dealing piercing damage and even splitting into Dark Magician and Gaia the Dragon Champion when it?s defeated. Armed Neos is a Fusion of Jaden?s Elemental HERO Neos and any one of Chazz?s Armed Dragon monsters ? with 3500 ATK it can destroy all of your opponent?s monsters when it hits the field, and when it destroys an opposing monster in battle it gains an ability that lets you Tribute it to Special Summon ANY Elemental HERO Fusion Monster!

For 700 damage you can Special Summon Assault Synchron from your hand. It?s a Level 2 Tuner that can help you make your Synchro Summons, and once it?s in the Graveyard you can banish it to revive a Dragon Synchro Monster when it?s Tributed or banished. And Galaxy Photon Duelists get a huge boost from the new Spell Card Numbers Last Hope, a quick way to get two materials to Summon a ?Numbers? Xyz Monster! Odd-Eyes Rebellion Xyz Dragon is a Pendulum Xyz with 3000 ATK, and once it?s on the field it can destroy two opposing monsters in one shot. And Rokket Coder is a new Level 4 Cyberse-type that lets you Link Summon Code Talker and Borrel monsters using 1 DARK monster from your hand as Link Material.

Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge is the first TCG booster set to include Quarter Century Secret Rare chase cards! Celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh card game?s 25th Anniversary with no fewer than 25 Quarter Century Secret Rare variants, including classics like Dark Armed Dragon, Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, and a new version of Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! with alternate artwork. You?ll also find Quarter Century versions of modern tournament cards like Rite of Aramesir, Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, and Welcome Labrynth. And if you?re looking for more cards to build your competitive collection, Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge includes a total of 50 Ultra Rare and Secret Rare reprints, including Noh-P.U.N.K. Foxy Tune, Knightmare Corruptor Iblee, and Danger! Nessie! Whether you?re a collector chasing Quarter Century Secret Rares, an anime fan with favorite ace monsters, or a competitive Duelist looking for tournament-proven cards, this set is truly monstrous.

The legend continues on June 23! The Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge booster set contains a total of 102 cards: 62 Ultra Rares and 40 Secret Rares. Additionally, 25 cards are also available as stunning Quarter Century Secret Rare variants. Each booster pack comes with 5 cards: 1 Secret Rare card and 4 Ultra Rares. MSRP: $4.49 per 5-card pack.