Get back into the ring with Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

The original Punch Club was a rare title that mashed straight forward simulation with comedy that clicked (they targeted kids of the ’80s and I was in that demo). Well Lazy Bear Games has seemingly awakened from their hibernation and announced that Punch Club 2: Fast Forward has been in development and will arrive this year!

Taking place 20 years in the future, things have certainly gotten more neon, but training a fighter will always remain the same. It?ll be interesting to see what pop culture references and commentary will make the cut in the sequel. The developer has also pledged to refine aspects of the simulation gameplay to smooth the edges and increase the fun!

Punch Club 2: fast Forward screens:

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward will be coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms sometime in 2023. The future can come soon enough!

Punch Club 2 – Official Announcement Trailer:

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward - Official Announcement Trailer 👊

Punch Club 2 is coming to PC and consoles in 2023.

It?s bigger. It?s better. It?s in the future. No more stat decay! Fight your way to discover the darkest secrets of your family and the entire City in the smashing sequel to your favorite fighter management sim – Punch Club.