One festival is over and another begins in Genshin Impact 3.5

Lantern Rite is over and in the upcoming update for HoYoverse?s super popular free to play action RPG Genshin Impact, the attention swings back to Mondstadt as the Windblume Festival blows in. This year we?re going to enjoy the festivities with some visitors from Sumeru which include Collei, Tighanri (I?m guessing he?s gonna be quite mute, if you?ve been following recent events) and Cyno. You can partake in various activities including ?Ballads of Breeze?, ?Floral Pursuit” and ?Breezy Snapshot?. Participation will yield plenty of rewards so don?t sit on your hands less you miss out on precious resources!

In headier news, the Traveller?s story will progress forward as they will team up with the mysterious Dainsleif and the Cycloptic Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius Kaeya to investigate the Abyss Order and the Traveller?s missing sibling?s association with this villainous association.

On the character front, another member of the Knights of Favonius joins the fray as Mika, who is part of the recon company along with Eula, will finally enter the wish pool along with the Eremites mercenary Dehya. While Dehya doesn?t appeal to me much (Shocking that I disregard the waifu), I might attempt to roll for Mika as I am always in the market to build up another healer to give Barbara and Bennet a well deserved break.

Version 3.5 will also see updates to the recently released Trading Card Game Genius Invokation, new character and hangout events and rewarding players with Intertwined Fate for each Archon Quest completed (I guess it?s time for me to finally catch up, less I want to miss out extra opportunities to summon characters and weapons).

March into spring as Version 3.5 arrives on March 1st. Genshin Impact is a free to download, free to play open world action RPG that is available on PC, IOS, Android and the PlayStation platform.

Genshin Impact 3.5 screens:

Version 3.5 “Windblume’s Breath” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 3.5 "Windblume's Breath" Trailer | Genshin Impact

Some say fate hides in the wind, like the fragrance of flowers, like rain and dew…
Such is the law of nature, absolute and insurmountable.
Others, on the other hand, strive to seek out their own destinies, or even go as far as to reweave the threads of fate.
But at the end of it all, is this not an orchestration of fate?