Cammy, Zangief and newcomer Lily rounds off the Street Fighter 6 roster

Sure their existence has been known since the first beta, but Capcom revealed yesterday the last 3 fighters that will make up the launch roster for the much anticipated next entry in the Street Fighter Series. Two returning warriors wearing more clothes than they?ve ever worn and a newcomer with ties to a ?new challenger? will be joining Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and 12 other already announced characters.

The first character is Cammy White, the MI6 agent and former Shadowloo Doll receives a complete fashion makeover, sporting new hairstyle, a new Union Jack jacket and actual pants, her redesign has already won over the Street Fighter faithful and that stretch she does certainly has endeared her to many more onlookers. On the moveset front, her fierce specials allow for delays which can mix things up and throw off your opponents.

Everyone?s favorite grappler is back and I?m not sure if he?s still willing to protect the Russian Skies? He?s even seen sporting a mask in the trailer. But hey, we?re upset with the government, not the people. Gief much like Cammy isn?t showing much leg anymore as he too is sporting tights rather than iconic red trunks. Move wise he seems to have a couple new grapples and they look as painful if you?re on the receiving end.

The third character revealed in this set is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe, the same one which T. Hawk (not the skater) hails from. Lily, who might?ve thought she was supposed to star in Samurai Shodown, comes to a street fight with a pair of war clubs. Nonetheless her move set mirrors her towering predecessor, but she can do another move that enhances her specials, so don?t let her small frame fool you, she?ll pack a punch!

So there you have it we?ll know the 18 fighters that will playable when Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2nd, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Will you be ready for the next battle?

Street Fighter 6 – Zangief, Lily, and Cammy Gameplay Trailer:

Street Fighter 6 - Zangief, Lily, and Cammy Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter 6 continues to Tatsu its way toward launch with today’s PlayStation State of Play digital event, which saw the reveal of three new characters, including the legendary Cammy and Zangief, plus the high-flying newcomer Lily. This trio of combatants complete the jam-packed 18-character launch roster which includes all eight of the original Street Fighter World Warriors (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief, E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim), four returning franchise favorites (Cammy, Juri, Dee Jay, Luke), and six brand new faces (Lily, Jamie, Kimberly, Manon, Marisa, JP) for players to test their mettle with. Players around the world can get their hands on all the hard-hitting Street Fighter 6 action starting on June 2, 2023 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Cammy, Zangief, and Lily each bring their own personality and highly skilled fighting expertise to the game:

  • Cammy: First appearing in Super Street Fighter II, the cat-loving Cammy returns with her beloved arsenal of high-powered attacks, including Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination. The Heavy version of each of those three moves has been enhanced to allow for a delay which results in altered properties for some big damage. Visit King Street, Cammy?s foggy, industrial stage, and perform deadly Super Art moves like the Killer Bee Spin and Delta Red Assault to send opponents to their knees and get the crowd buzzing.
  • Zangief: Rumbling his way onto the scene is the immense Zangief, an original World Warrior who loves to show off for the crowd at Barmaley Steelworks. A professional wrestler by trade, Zangief keeps hold of his trademark throws like the Screw Piledriver and Siberian Express,  picking up new moves like the counter throw Tundra Storm. His Level 2 Super Art Cyclone Lariat and Level 3 Super Art Bolshoi Storm Buster are sure to be crowd-pleasers.
  • Lily: A new addition to the roster, Lily will seem familiar to some as she is a descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, the same tribe as the iconic T. Hawk who was first seen in Super Street Fighter II. Small but mighty, Lily speaks with the spirits of nature at her home in the vibrant Thunderfoot Settlement and defeats enemies with her ferocious Condor Dive, Condor Spire, and Tomahawk Buster. Condor Wind will grant one Windclad stock, which powers up each of the aforementioned moves. Lily wields her war clubs to barrage opponents in her Level 1 Super Art Breezing Hawk and slams her enemies to the ground with her Level 3 Super Art Raging Typhoon.

Street Fighter 6 is available for pre-order now and represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series with a combo of unique fighting game innovations and brimming with content across three brand new game modes ? Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.