BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Open Beta coming to Xbox (Updated 3/1/23)


Update 3/1/23 – Due to an issue found in the beta client, the open Beta has been postponed and will not start on this Friday, please tune into the official BlazeBlue Twitter account to find out when the Beta will be rescheduled

So I?ve become accustomed to writing articles about Rollback Netcode betas for Arc System Works fighting games, but this one isn?t explicitly one. It seems starting on March 3rd 5pm PST/8pm EST ’til March 5th 11pm PST/March 6th 2am EST, Xbox gamers can get a hearty taste of Arc?s crossover fighter which brings together characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY.

The beta will allow you to access all of the characters from the game and a majority of the modes from the full game, however there are some restrictions. Full details of the beta are listed below.

Available Game Modes:

  • Episode Mode: Enjoy the story
  • Training Mode: Practice the controls, with a variety of training settings available to recreate situations from matches
  • Network Mode: Play online with players from all over the world, in Ranked Matches, Room Matches, and more
  • VS Mode: Select characters freely to face off in offline matches
  • Tactics Mode: Learn the game?s unique mechanics as you play
  • Survival Mode: Take down one opponent after the next
  • Gallery Mode: This mode lets you view a variety of graphics
  • Replay Theater: Check out match replays you?ve saved here

Additional Beta Notes:

  • Online multiplayer available without Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • Network connection required to play, including offline modes
  • Application and online multiplayer are available for free, customers are responsible for their network connection fees
  • Saved data cannot be carried over to main game
  • Contents of the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle open beta test may differ from main BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle game

If the beta has wet your beak for this tag fighter, it will be coming to Game Pass and will be playable on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The full release date has yet to be revealed, but put another feather in Microsoft?s subscription service.